When do episodes come out?
We aim to release by Wednesday every week.

What do the Japanese words in the Gashat titles mean and how would you have translated them?
Shakariki: life-risking; frantic (XTREME SPORTS!)
Baksuou: to roar around noisily (BERSERK BIKE!)
Gekitotsu: to clash together or against (CLASH OF THE ROBOTS!)

Can I use your subs for…?
Yes! Use them for reviews, other language translation projects, your fandub, we don’t mind. Mentioning our name would be nice (so anyone can find the subs if they’re interested), but you don’t really have to. Go nuts!

Are you releasing any bonus Ex-Aid content (Virtual Operations, etc)?
Eventually, perhaps, but not right now. We want to focus our energy on the main series itself, and since this is our first venture into long term subbing, we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. Our goal right now is to sub the episodes as well as we can.

Can you release on this site or in this format?
We do try to accommodate as many of you guys at possible but unfortunately, it’s not always possible for us to continue uploading to all the sites people want us to upload to. We are considering possibly expanding our options but as of now, we will only be releasing through torrents.

Will you guys release patches?
To be honest, even our veteran subber isn’t great at making patches, so unfortunately, no. But a big big thanks to those in our comments who do! We see you and we appreciate it!

Do you need any staff to help out with…?
We are not currently looking for any new members, but thank you to those who have offered to help! It warms our hearts that you care enough to offer your time and energy for our project.

Who are you guys?
Our three central staff are our head translator, our timer/typesetter, and our editor/secondary translator. We also have some part-timers on the side helping us out.

So who are you guys?
Just some Kamen Rider fans who want share the love.

I have a problem with your translation!
If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comments or on Twitter! Every day we are actively thinking of how we can translate better, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. It is a difficult process, so if you don’t see that our subs have changed, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t read your comments but that we haven’t found an alternative we are satisfied with.

What are your plans for after Ex-Aid?