Kamen Sentai GoRider – Maze 1-3 (BATCH)

aegisub64_2019-12-25_06-19-53.pngNo batch art this time, I’m broke as hell.

1080p TORRENT | 720p TORRENT | 480p TORRENT

We strongly recommend that you do not watch it if you haven’t seen Blade (or Zi-O, I guess, since that spoiled it).

Merry Christmas!

You know, a friend pointed out recently that it’s been two years since we said GoRider would be our next release.  Well.  We got there eventually, and that’s what matters.

Also AniDex is being a fucker so it’s not up on there.  We might reupload all our stuff to Nyaa later anyway.  Who knows.

Also, we did see people hoping we’d come back for 01.  We wanted to come back too!  We even told ourselves we’d handle every Takahashi show from now on.  Didn’t expect him to write for Rider again so soon though, so oh well.

Some updates on our general status while we take it easy:

  • We won’t be in a position to regularly work on projects for at least three more months.
  • We’ve begun thinking about a comeback project, but that’s still early days.
  • Work on Missing Ace has started.  You might see it within those three months, you might not, who knows.
  • It’s probably obvious by now, but we’re not doing the Build/Ex-Aid crossover movie.  O-T’s release has been out forever, and it’s way too much work for what is ultimately minor script changes.
  • The little Ex-Aid bonuses like Virutal Ops… um… hehe… well, I haven’t deleted the raws yet?

That should cover everything, I think.  Time to go back to taking it easy.

The game is forever!

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