Twitter locked

Hi! We’re very much still on hiatus, though we’ve encountered a small issue…

I logged on to our Twitter to post an updated script batch for Blade, and was immediately locked out for suspicious activity before doing anything.


Normally, this takes less than a minute to fix.  However, the phone number associated with the account was our editor’s… which was recently cancelled so he could move overseas.

The Twitter is still there and we haven’t been suspended, but depending on how helpful Twitter support are (lol) we may be locked out for some time.  Or indefinitely.  We’ll see.

We have done some work on Gorider, though, if it’s any consolation, and also here is the Blade script batch.

See you, uh, next game…?

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2 Responses to Twitter locked

  1. Reader says:

    Oh, that is most unfortunate.
    Would it perhaps be possible to request a digital form of document from the phone service provider confirming that the now dead phone number was in fact registered for that person from their past logs, and then submit that to twitter? arguably it should count as proof..


  2. jarkes says:

    Huh, was wondering about that…

    What about Missing Ace?


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