Going on hiatus (mostly)

And so another year draws to a close! Did you have fun? We did!

As the year ends, so does our activity. We won’t be picking up a major project anytime soon, both because we don’t want to and because we can’t. We’re not cancelling previously-confirmed projects – Gorider, Virtual Ops, etc, are all still coming.  We will, however, not be bound by deadlines, so we can’t offer ETAs for anything.  They’ll come when we have the time!

We also have a few projects that we confirmed in private but haven’t mentioned publicly. They’re all still on the table too, and maybe now we’ll actually get them done.  But, you know, for now, we’re functionally on hiatus.

But this is not the end! We will meet again one day as Excite!

Until then…

see you next game!

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1 Response to Going on hiatus (mostly)

  1. jarkes says:

    Wait, what about the Blade: Missing Ace movie?


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