Kamen Rider Blade – Episode 16



This is your final warning to be nice to Mukki.

A guweeeeiiit big thank you to BunnyHat for the raws!

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6 Responses to Kamen Rider Blade – Episode 16

  1. EXCITE! Subs says:

    Please reply to this comment with alternatives (DDLs, patches, etc) to keep things tidy. Thanks!


  2. Byron says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m so excited to see Mutsuki in action again! I’m also part of the blade is awesome and not boring minority, so I’m having so much fun rewatching it with you guys


    • Byron says:

      By the way, can I ask, did you guys by any chance translate the entirety of Jin’s song from a few episodes ago? I ask cos I know there’s only a few lines beyond what you showed in the subs for the actual episode, so if you did I would love to know your guys’ take on the rest of the lyrics 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    Appreciate the love for Blade, guys, thanks. Though what are your releases doing differently from Turn Up Scrubs’?

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    • EXCITE! Subs says:

      We’re completely re-translating the series! Turn Up is a scrub of TVN subs, and while they do fix some errors, it’s ultimately still based on the old TVN script. We try not to comment on other groups’ efforts, but the TVN script for Blade is… really not great.


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