Thank You & Post Ex-Aid Plans!

What a ride!

We had lots of fun! And learned a lot. This has really been a great experience for the whole team.

We’d just like to take the opportunity to thank absolutely everyone.  O-T, for opening this amazing opportunity for us!  Gust, for continually providing the incredible service of raws for absolutely everything that’s avaliable!  OZC, for helping us with a few difficult to obtain raws and general support!  CRT, for helping us get Lazer and bringing issues we missed to our attention!  Our senior subber for helping us get off the ground! Excite would have been dead in the water without you!  And most of all, thank YOU for your support over the past year!

Now that weeklies are over, we’re going to be moving through the backlog of bonus Ex-Aid material.  CSHT is up first.  The Genm specials may take longer, since it requires us to actually buy a DVD.  But they’ll come too!  Basically, if it’s related to Ex-Aid, we’ll absolutely do it.  Beyond that, there’s some other things we’d like to work on, but nothing’s set in stone yet, so it’s not worth saying more than that.  We’ll also have the batch out within the next week or two!

We will definitely meet again as Excite!

Until then…

see you next game!

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29 Responses to Thank You & Post Ex-Aid Plans!

  1. TooStronk says:

    Thanks for the subs for the past year! Will you be subbing the V-cinemas coming next year? If you haven’t heard, a trilogy of EX-AID v-cinemas was announced.


  2. mamamara says:

    Thank you so much for all your work! My kids and I have had a blast watching this show together and we appreciate everything you did to give us this experience.


  3. AcD08 says:

    Thank you so much for your work!


  4. attractdistract says:

    thank you for a full year of Kamen Rider. thank you even more for being a truly out-of-the-blue new group and doing this series, for handling something you do for free with such professionalism. i told myself from the start, i would be sticking out all of Ex-Aid with you guys, and to date i’ve got a folder full of everything you released. whatever you do next, even outside of the remaining Ex-Aid bonus material, count me among those that are fans of you guys at Excite.

    much, much appreciated.


  5. ashuraman says:

    Looking forward to both the movie and the Ex-Aid trilogy: Another Ending specials


  6. Shourikan says:

    Thank you guys for the effort you put in the show, and thank you for bringing it to us all this year. I bet it wasn’t easy, but you did it nonetheless. Congratulations! We’re looking forward to everything you do next, now 😀


  7. Gottis Chan says:

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for everything this past year! You’ve all been amazing and my Ex-Aid folder is filled to the brim with your stuff. ♥ ♥ ♥


  8. Anon says:

    Thank you all! It’s been an amazing ride.

    By my count there’s the following Ex-Aid related material (either in the backlog or future release):
    – Cho Super Hero Taisen
    – Kamen Sentai Gorider
    – Kamen Rider Gemn Specials
    – Ex-Aid: True Ending
    – the last two episodes of Kamen Rider Snipe
    – Para-DX Hyper Battle DVD
    – The Virtual Operations (Did this ever get a DVD release?)
    – Ex-Aid V-Cinema Trilogy
    – Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final

    Did I miss anything?


  9. Thanks for the subs over the last year. If you need a Genm DVD I could always send you mine since it came with the Taiko gashat.


  10. Thank you so much guys, for everything!

    Have a good one!


  11. UpdateGuy says:

    Thanks again lads for the subs and listen. If you’re ever looking for something else to sub when all this is over, I have a show in dire need of good subs.


    pardon me


  12. Miki says:

    For picking up the series and sticking with it, I loved your work and I really hope to see more of it soon. Thanks thanks thanks.


  13. Thanks for the amazing work, guys!


  14. M says:

    thanks guys.


  15. Ryan Steele says:

    A huge thanks for subbing this amazing show. After years at last a top class Kamen Rider show. Cheers for the great work 🙂


  16. Kagami says:

    Thank you so much for your great work in Ex-Aid. Do you have plan to subbing other rider like Den-O, Hibiki, 555, Ryuki, Decade or Kiva?? because I think very difficult to find subs for this series


  17. bioking4t2 says:

    When Over-Time took a break from Rider and I didn’t know how to find TV-Nihon’s releases, you guys were there to deliver one of my favorite seasons of Kamen Rider to date (the season’s quality had nothing to do with you, but still, it’s the thought that counts). Thank you for your service to us loyal Kamen Rider viewers.

    btw, has Over-Time said yet if they’re doing Build?


  18. stardrago says:

    so I heard your group won’t be doing Build, but you think you know of someone or group that could do it; your group had included doing detailed subs for signs like on in tv news reports in the series and translating detail in episodes, like the Reprograming left by Kujo and the manual instructions for level 0. the fastsub group RTA left those parts out.


    • Jon B says:

      Excite did do a good job, you’re right. As for who’s doing Build, I don’t think they or anyone knows who will. Unless some other upcoming sub group comes up and claims it, I’d assume Over-Time will sub it.


  19. Jon B says:

    Thanks for a great sub. I’ll keep an eye out for your next work. See You Next Game 🙂


  20. daztanxc says:

    Thank you so much for all the hard work for the past year. =)


  21. fatur says:

    thanks excitesubs for all the work all this year, and may you guys will be doing another tokusatsu subbing outside ex aid


  22. Zoomer says:

    Thanks for subbing Ex-Aid guys! It’s a shame you’re not subbing build, cause there’s not many groups out there willing to do weekly shows and stick to it. But you guys deserve a break and you’d probably never clear the backlog of extra Ex-Aid stuff if you just kept doing weekly. I hope that once you finish all the Ex-Aid stuff, and another opportunity presents itself you guys can sub weekly again. I’m just glad you’re not just gonna just disappear now that you’ve finished Ex-Aid.


  23. Anon says:

    >The Genm specials may take longer, since it requires us to actually buy a DVD.

    *cough* *cough*

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  24. Kaneki Ken says:

    How about kamen rider build? Do you plan taking it?


  25. Spring Water says:

    Thanks my dudes for the past year. Watching Ex-Aid has made me delved into the world of tokusatsu even further. I hope you’ll do best in whatever you choose to do next.


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