Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 40



It’s hard to think of episode comments that aren’t just how sad I am that Ex-Aid is over soon now.

Reset Thank You to Gustavaum for the raws!

Enjoy the subs, and see you next game!

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4 Responses to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 40

  1. EXCITE! Subs says:

    Please reply to this comment with alternatives (DDLs, patches, etc) to keep things tidy. Thanks!


    • jps317 says:

      HD hardsub – https://mega.nz/#!YAUwxZgJ!3hWN1YkCT5usYSJXdODhuKEZX4BAI_IShcOuQCbkbig

      Oh and I don’t think I mentioned this last week but I had to reup a couple of older episodes so if their links don’t work that’s why, you can always grab them from the Mega folder which has been linked in other posts or at my WP (For whatever reason I hate self promoting like that but I’m also too lazy to reopen the Mega tab and copy the link again even though it’d be less work than typing this explanation was 😆)


  2. attractdistract says:

    i’m never ready for any Rider series to be over, and yet, here we are again


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