Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 31



Regarding the new friend: that name spelling was used on the Ganbarizing card, so it’s what we’re going with for now. As always, we’re open to changing things midway/for batches/etc.

Nico Critical Thank You to Gustavaum for the raws!

Enjoy the subs, and see you next game!

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11 Responses to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 31

  1. EXCITE! Subs says:

    Please reply to this comment with alternatives (DDLs, patches, etc) to keep things tidy. Thanks!


  2. stardrago says:

    thanks for this, by the way how is it coming along for the Heisei Generations movie?


  3. Kawa says:

    Way to mess up the Dan family tree there, Poppy.

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  4. Thank you~~as always hehehehe


  5. Sooo… the Bugsters could consider Kuroto their father, because he DID start all this, but that would leave their hosts to be their ‘mothers’. You know, as a kind of variant on the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise.
    Going by that, Poppy is both Kuroto’s daughter and *sister*, because her host was his mother. But since Poppy has Dan Sakurako’s memories, she’s also his mom in a way?
    But then we have Parad and Emu in the mix – Emu was the original host for the base Bugster Virus, and also Parad specifically. So, that would make Emu basically… ugh, I dunno, the Bugster’s grandmother? And also Parad’s mother? But Parad treats him more like a brother, which just adds a whole other layer into this genetic mix.


  6. Jason says:

    Are you uys planning on doing the crossover movie? Overtime and RTA have already teamed up and finished it but I’m more used to your subs so I’m considering going with you if you do it.


  7. Mighty Action X says:

    What happened to Anidex? I can’t access to it too like Nyaa.


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