Regarding Nyaa

So by now everyone knows about Nyaa getting nuked, and we’re sorry to be super slow about it.  Anyway, like a lot of other people, we’ll be migrating to AniDex.  Our page is over here!

That said, for the first 24 episodes, we’re only moving the batch and the original versions will be left to rot in the aether.  The original release posts will be updated to reflect this when we have more time, which will be this weekend.

This also means that should Nyaa come back, anything we have uploaded there will no longer have a torrent associated with it in our seedbox.

As always, see you next game!

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6 Responses to Regarding Nyaa

  1. Reader says:

    Thanks for the update, I had never heard of this torrent tracker, but the performance of the website for me right now is atrocious, took almost 15 minutes to successfully add the rss feed to my client because of certificate errors or network timeouts.. is this new place under attack also?


  2. Some guy says:

    Will nyaa being dead affect the release schedule?


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