Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 20


Due to the deletion of Nyaa.se, individual torrents for this episode are not available. Please refer to our batch post if you’d like to download it.

EDIT:  v2 link has been added to fix a translation error.  We’re really sorry about that!

A certain subset of the fanbase is going to really, really  going to like this episode.  But the rest of you will too!  It’s lots of fun!

Ready Your Thank You to Gustavaum for the raws!

Enjoy the subs, and see you next game!

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8 Responses to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 20

  1. EXCITE! Subs says:

    Please reply to this comment with alternatives (DDLs, patches, etc) to keep things tidy. Thanks!


  2. KamenRiderMahha says:

    Where the hardsub at?


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