Happy 2017! And some updates.

Hey everyone, translator here. We here at EXCITE! hope you all had a safe and happy new year, and we have some news for you!

First off, we’d just like to say that we are currently working on subbing Virtual Ops but we can’t say when they’ll be done, because I will be going overseas for a month. We will still be subbing the show as usual, so don’t worry. In the meantime, MegaBeast Empire has the first Virtual Ops ready for until we are so please check it out!

Thanks for sticking by us and we hope you all have an excellent 2017!

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One Response to Happy 2017! And some updates.

  1. Miki says:

    Happy 2017 to you guys too!
    I wonder, do you feel appreciated enough? Because I’m really, really thankful for the job you’re doing. Thank you for your hard work!


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