Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 6


Due to the deletion of Nyaa.se, individual torrents for this episode are not available. Please refer to our batch post if you’d like to download it.

We were actually good to release like 12 hours ago, so of course we had seedbox trouble that couldn’t be fixed before we had to go to work. Either way, we’re back! Did you miss us? We missed you!

We’ll be back on the usual routine from here on.

DoReMiFa Thank You to Gustavaum for the raws!

Enjoy the subs, and see you next game!

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15 Responses to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 6

  1. EXCITE! Subs says:

    Oh, right! Please reply to this comment with alternatives (DDLs, patches, etc) to keep things tidy. Thanks!


  2. redracer says:

    Thank you guys!! You are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mets says:

    I’ve missed you guys ;w;
    I need my dose of video game powered superheroes, thank you very much.


  4. marshottentot says:

    “YO! Heh heh”, clearly that Bugster was imported from 1984. He just needed some gold chains and a Kangol hat coverin’ that Gashat!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Phya says:

    I’m happy to see the new episode up, thank you guys!


  6. Thank you so much!!!!! I could have watched “that” other release but I waited for youuuu…


  7. jayuser says:



  8. Das says:

    Brave’s level 3 was cool as shit. So now we know that Graphite is complete because he consumed Brave’s girlfriend. I wonder if they are playing it off like that so when Graphite is defeated, she comes back. That would be nice.


    • bioking4t2 says:

      Probably not, because if that was the case, why would they be worried about anyone disappearing? In order to have drama and conflict, there has to be a legitimate deadline (no pun intended) at play, otherwise there’s no tension.


      • Das says:

        Possible, but Graphite seems to be different from the normal Bugsters. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back after he was defeated. Plus, they don’t know what happens with the person who disappears. They assume they die, so they are preventing it because they think its bad, but the only person it’s shown disappear is Saki.


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