We’re subbing Ex-Aid!


Like it says everywhere on our profiles, we’re a new subgroup, and we’ve formed to sub Kamen Rider Ex-Aid! We already have a draft going for the first episode, and we’re hoping to release it within the next day. So, this post is just to let you all know that we’re here even if the announcement is a little last minute.

We look forward to spending time with you over the next year, and we hope you enjoy our releases!

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34 Responses to We’re subbing Ex-Aid!

  1. Anonymous says:

    >We look forward to spending time with you


  2. Peyton Mitchell says:

    I’m so excited to hear about this! I was wondering where you’ll be posting your releases. Will you guys be uploading them to websites like Kissasian?


  3. KamenRiderMahha says:

    Good luck! I hope you’re not shit/ at least better than TV-Nihon.


  4. Smithdanigans says:

    Thank you so much for picking this series up! I understand that O-T need a breather, but it would have been a real shame to not have a non-TVN group do something that shows promise.

    By the way, if you need some assistance, I could help go through script drafts and see if things work grammatically. Since it’s just two of you, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed.


  5. Smithdanigans says:

    Also, I organize a Kamen Rider series archive on OneDrive that aims to be the most comprehensive resource for quality hardsubs for the series. I’ll likely be including your releases in there.


  6. Captain Vidya says:

    Hope you guys can stay enthused about this series through the next year. You have a bunch of people looking forward to what you can do (especially since O-T decided to not pick this up)!


  7. TheJaz49 says:

    I’m happy to see someone working on Ex-Aid besides TV-N! Good luck! 😀


  8. Co-Aid says:

    Thanks for subbing this doctor gamer. I’LL wait your release.


  9. Epsilon says:

    So, who ARE the peeps of Excite Subs?


  10. lumanare says:

    All I’ll say is please try your hardest, ok? Hopefully you guys can pull this off, and if not, seek help.


  11. hugorojo30@yahoo.com says:

    thanks guys just wondering it this going to be a weekly thing or what will the schedule be like


  12. Shivy says:

    Thanks for picking up Ex-Aid, Excite gang. OT is taking a break this year, so it looks like you all are going to be getting some regulars from there. Cheers!


  13. Kamen Ranger Red says:

    Welcome to the game! I’m looking forward to your work!


  14. >Despite our name, please don’t get too excited.

    You’re not my mother

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  15. good luck looking forward to you guys work!!…=D


  16. ProtoPower says:

    You’re doin the lords work here subbing Ex-Aid! You guys are the best! Looking forward to it!


  17. guyferd says:

    Welcome aboard, mates! Looking forward to have fun with your version of Ex-Aid! 😀


  18. Beetleborg says:

    Looking forward to seeing your work 🙂


  19. It’s really a great pleasure that people can still enjoy Kamen Rider series this season. I support you!


  20. TSF says:

    do you guys have any prior subbing experience?
    just curious, I’m just hoping you guys are at least passable, don’t want to have to rely on T-N or anything
    anything you could tell me would be nice


  21. Oliver says:

    Saviours 😀


  22. stardrago says:

    Will you keeping some of announcements from the Gamer Driver, like the “Kimewaza”?


  23. Mike Löbener says:

    will a be soft or hardsubbed? fancy typesetting? OP/ED karaoke fx? :§ still in need of an encoder?


  24. Kawa says:

    I’m excited. Are you excited?


  25. Gunbuster says:

    Nice. Will be interesting to see “transform” read in the subs this time!


  26. Thrax says:

    Hello, Everyone, thanks for give this new Rider season.

    One Question: we need to register to see the Encodes of the Ex-Aid


  27. Please says:

    Don’t die off like OrangeLion, please?


  28. WatchesKamenRider says:

    I hope you guys got Mega links for fast download ^_^ I’ll be looking forward to watching Ex-Aid subbed by your group! a big thanks 🙂


  29. dhachan_kun says:

    Hello guys, if you please i wanna ask a question.
    Will you guys use Gustavaum RAW? Or you guys have another RAW sources? Thanks


  30. Wolf says:

    Nice subs, keep up the good work.


  31. When will ep. 2 be out?


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